TES Global is a digital education company whose teaching resources site is an invaluable platform for teachers to share lessons and curriculum-based teaching content.

In early 2013, the private equity company TPG purchased TES Global. In a re-think of its commercial strategies, TPG wanted to provide teachers with the capability to sell content on the site as well as sharing it free, as the site had historically done. Unfortunately, the technology being used was ten years old and quite simply no longer fit for purpose.


One Beyond completely re-platformed the technology stack to cloud-based microservices. This major piece of work involved shifting the huge number of existing resources (around 850,000 assets in total) and services from the old application to the new, and completely rebuilding the front end. We also built a bespoke payment gateway to seamlessly facilitate transactions between the seller, the buyer and TES. Finally, we included a new and improved search facility so resources could be identified in a quicker, easier and more accurate way. All of this has provided a significantly slicker and more efficient user experience, and even enabled an exciting and unprecedented entry into the US market.



  • AWS cloud based services using docker containers
  • Node.js based microservices building and serving page fragments
  • RabbitMQ Messaging Layer, SOLR based search application
  • Bespoke payment gateway integrating with Open Accounts
  • Integration of Barclaycard for payment processing
  • Bespoke admin tool with bootstrap UI for Operational users
  • A powerful ingestion tool to allow ultra fast upload, tagging and publication of ppt, pdf, excel and a wide range of other file formats