Our Education Industry and Training Software Development Solutions

At One Beyond, our digital education solutions help schools and training establishments modernise their services for a learn-from-anywhere world.

Whether you need to augment your in-classroom learning with digital tools, provide classes remotely, offer cutting edge e-learning and e-commerce platforms, or even allow students to book their class schedules online, we offer a multitude of ways you can support people’s personal and professional growth.

Some of our specific education and training solutions have included:

  • Helping Norwegian start-up 100 Days disrupt the leadership development field by building an innovative digital best practice toolset. The result allowed managers to adapt swiftly to new roles, rapidly fulfilling their potential while delivering quick wins along the way.
  • Transforming training in high-risk industries with a rigorously designed learning management and reporting system for military training company Aquila Learning. Our adaptable solution enabled Aquila to build and manage complex training programmes with up to 75% more efficiency.
  • Designing smart data dashboards and building a Cloud-based marketplace for the teaching resources website TES Global. These helped team members keep track of KPIs and measure success and helped students find learning resources in a much more efficient manner.

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Digital Education and Training Solutions You Can Trust

One Beyond are fully accredited by Microsoft as Gold Application Development Partners, Cloud Solution Providers, and integration specialists. That means education and training providers can trust our solutions to work intuitively alongside existing and future systems.

We are a Microsoft Silver Partner for Data Analytics. That means we’re trusted for projects involving the connection of data sources and tasks like performing data transformations and modelling and visualising data.

Additionally, we were one of the first companies in the world to achieve the ISO 9001 global standard for quality. So you can be sure that every digital solution we design for your education or training business will meet the highest standards.

Plus, with our Cyber Essentials Plus certification, you can trust us to safeguard your educational or training establishment from cyber threats.

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