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There are many ways that businesses can use technology to help them improve efficiency, effectiveness, innovation and much more. But keeping up to date with the latest tech news – to know how it can help your business – can be a struggle.

Maybe you want to keep up to date with the latest tech advances, or get some insight into how your business could be using them? Or maybe you’re looking for product reviews or the latest tech headlines?

We’ve put together a list of 11 tech news sites that are definitely worth a look. As well as listing each one, we’ve given a summary of why we think the site is worth a read and an example of the sort of article title you’ll find on the site.

Let us know what you think about them and if there are any others you think are worth a mention.


Why it’s worth a read: 24/7 news coverage from around the globe covering trends and technologies. ZDNet is the perfect site for an overview of what’s going on in the tech world.

What you’ll find: “The CISO, the CIO, the CEO, or you: Who is really responsible for cyber-security?”


Why it’s worth a read: Techopedia includes a dictionary of useful tech terms as well as useful articles on everything from cloud computing to big data and security.

What you’ll find: “Born in the cloud: The next generation of cloud services”


Why it’s worth a read: The best bit about CIO is the blog content written by real-world IT leaders, particularly Pat Brans; insights into how tech can boost productivity.

What you’ll find: “Big data is not about size, it’s how you use it that counts”


Why it’s worth a read: ReadWrite has been around since 2003 and still remains one of the best tech blogs around. Check it out for news on lesser known companies and technologies.

What you’ll find: “Your shadow IT department is here to stay. Deal with it.”


Why it’s worth a read: Wired displays headline tech news with a twist and some interesting insights from the blog’s knowledgeable staff.

What you’ll find: “Cost of .UK domain names to rise 50% from 2016”

6.The Ink Blog

Why it’s worth a read: Quick tips and tricks for small business owners wanting to get the most out of their tech, The Ink Blog is written by an industry expert.

What you’ll find: “How to add an Ads Manager to your Facebook page”

7.Google Blog

Why it’s worth a read: As one of the biggest names in tech, it’s always worth keeping up with what Google is working on. Google Blog features news and insights on the search engine giant’s platforms, tools and events.

What you’ll find: “Introducing the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, for a faster, open mobile web”


Why it’s worth a read: Short, snappy posts which offer some out of the box thinking on tech topics.

What you’ll find: “Past performance is not indicative of future results”


Why it’s worth a read: Tech and business news is mixed in with ‘watercooler’ pieces which will keep you hooked, Mashable also posts lots of social media news.

What you’ll find: “12 inventive Vines that’ll pump your own creative juices”

10.Tech Republic

Why it’s worth a read: Tech Republic offers insights on the world of business tech from the senior tech professionals who have to deal with it every day.

What you’ll find: “The new reality of Moneyball-style sales management”

11.IT Pro

Why it’s worth a read: IT Pro share a combination of breaking global news, expert analysis and useful case studies from the business world, all with an IT edge.

What you’ll find: “James Bond-style hack attacks pose no threat in the real world”