As developers of apps and bespoke software development, we sometimes get introduced to cool, clever and innovative ideas that we can help clients build software and systems around. Some of these ideas are absolutely ingenious, while others end up needing another few visits to the drawing board.

Ideas translated into software

One thing is for sure: the world of apps never sleeps. There is a constant flow of new software hitting the market on a daily basis. Inevitably, some of these will be successful while others will flop completely. Still, the variety of apps shows us that there is an incredible amount of ideas out there – some of which are better than others!

Some of the weirdest apps ever made include…

  • Leftover swap
    One app that wants to enable people to live a more sustainable lifestyle and stop wasting food is the food recycling platform Leftover Swap. You can take photos of your leftovers, and post them for your neighbours to see – so that you can share your scraps with them. Interesting concept, but perhaps a bit too quirky for the average person!
  • Nothing
    In 2012, the mobile app Nothing hit the stores, fulfilling the previously unknown desire for people to stare at a completely blank screen. (It doesn’t even have an icon.) This app really capitalised on the hype of the ‘quirky, useless app’ which hardly had any other purpose than being a fun talking point. Amazingly, this app even comes in a Pro version, where you could download – assumingly – an unlimited amount of nothing for £0.58.
  • Crystal
    This is another solution that is in many ways more clever than weird. Crystal is a virtual coach for online interaction that helps you analyse people’s personality. It then guides you through the process of writing an email that is perfectly designed to get maximum impact for the recipient. Considering the amount of misunderstandings that occur in emails, this could be a great application.
  • Strange rain
    In the mystical app Strange Rain the user gets to watch a grey sky with moving clouds and rain falling on the screen, as an eerie text-based narrative builds in a poetic style. It’s not a game in the traditional sense of the word, but the user can interact with the clouds and the music, to help create the in-app experience they want. This app has been hailed for its ability to create a relaxing ambience.
  • Hello Cow
    Well – who doesn’t want to experience a close encounter with a friendly cow? The app Hello Cow lets the user poke a virtual cow and hear it moo. It’s described as simple entertainment aimed at children, but personally, we think there might be better ways of getting your little ones used to animals – like visiting a farm, for example.
  • VT5 Decision Maker
    For those of us fed up with making conscious, efficient, informed decisions – why not allow a computer program to take care of that whole painstaking decision-making process? Albeit a bit dated now since its release in 2014, the VT5 Decision Maker is still around and has possibly helped thousands of busy executives to make smarter decisions. Or not!
  • Abstract Curves
    Unlike traditional creative graphics software, the application Abstract Curves works with algorithms to generate random abstract images. At a first glance, this may seem like a rather useless app. However, the app does generate stunning graphics with depth and character which can be perfect for backgrounds or visual profiles.
  • PlayThru
    Tired of the boring old CAPTCHA spam blocker on your website? With the help of the PlayThru WordPress plugin, you can now enable your sign-up visitors to play a mini game instead of trying to read fuzzy images of street signs or type random letter combinations. Perhaps not ideal for a corporate image, but quirky brands might be a good fit for this fun alternative.
  • ASCIImator
    The ASCIImator app allows the user to transform any image into black and white ASCII art. This is of course useful if you ever have a need to make an image look like it’s just been typed up on the old Telex machine, to impress your friends. For anyone else, it’s not terribly practical.

As these examples illustrate, it’s not always easy to get it right. What may seem like a great idea doesn’t always translate into useful software!

However, there will always be innovators out there who want to revolutionise their industry with the help of software and mobile applications. And as software development experts, we are standing by to help build powerful, unique and cost-effective solutions that support the creative sparks of business leaders and visionaries.