In the world of app development, creativity and eccentricity often collide to produce some of the most peculiar software creations ever. This realm isn’t just about productivity tools, social media platforms, or addictive games. It’s also a playground for the bizarre and unexpected.

So, without further ado, let’s dig down into some of the most unusual apps currently on the market.

Quick, Draw!

This fascinating and entertaining game has successfully blurred the lines between technology and art. Developed by Google, it utilises AI handwriting recognition to guess what users are sketching in real-time. This unique concept has proven to be surprisingly effective, with the AI demonstrating an impressive ability to identify a wide array of doodles.

In a game, there are six rounds. During each one, the player has 20 seconds to create a piece of art adhering to a random prompt selected from the game’s database. Meanwhile, the AI will try to guess the drawing (a bit like the board game Pictionary). A round ends when the AI has successfully guessed the drawing or when the player runs out of time.

For its unique use of AI and off-beat style, this gains a place on our list of weird apps for iPhones and Android devices.


Bristlr is a unique and niche dating app that’s specially designed for people with an affinity for beards. Whether you’re a proud owner of a lush beard or someone who appreciates the allure of facial hair, Bristlr offers a platform to connect with like-minded individuals.

Unlike generic dating apps, this weird Android and iOS app provides a tailored experience for its users, focusing on one specific trait – the beard. This specificity allows users to cut through the clutter of traditional dating apps and connect based on a shared (if unusual) interest.

The app embraces diversity, welcoming all genders and orientations, and fosters a friendly community vibe. In addition to facilitating connections, Bristlr also features a ‘Rate Beards’ section, adding a fun interactive element to the platform. Here, users can engage in rating different beards, further enhancing the beard-loving community spirit.


If the human connection of dating isn’t your thing, then maybe you’re more of an animal person. Procatinator is a quirky app that has ingeniously found a way to turn procrastination into a form of entertainment. As the name suggests, the app merges a love of cats with a tendency to procrastinate, creating an amusing platform to while away the time.

Upon opening the app, users are greeted with a selection of hilarious cat GIFs perfectly paired with catchy tunes. This unexpected combination of visual and auditory elements creates a captivating (or, should we say, cat-tivating) experience that can keep users entertained.

The simple yet ingenious concept of this weird app taps into the internet’s collective obsession with cats, making it a hit among feline enthusiasts and anyone looking for a fun, novelty distraction.

Excuse Generator

We all know the feeling; you’re stuck on an endless call with a telesales person or that relative, and it’s starting to sap your will to live. Some brave, strong-willed souls might have the character to break off the call with firm honesty, but for many of us, that’s an intimidating option.

Enter Excuse Generator. This weird Android app is the ideal solution, letting you off the hook entirely on those monotonous, endless calls. Choose from a range of convincing background noises, including a ringing doorbell, siren, poor connection and more, giving you the perfect chance to slip away in a polite, believable and subtle manner.


Maybe it isn’t a phone call that’s dragging your day down but an in-person encounter. For this, the Fake All app is perfect. It creates fake chat threads that mimic the UI of popular apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger, among others. You can also initiate fake calls or other notifications. While undoubtedly one of the weirdest apps ever made, it’s also the perfect get-out-of-jail-free card for meetings, dates, or social encounters you’re desperate to escape from.


This is one of the most unusual apps ever made while also being thoroughly ingenious. What3Words has divided the world into 3m squares, each of which has been assigned a three-word code. For example, if you want to communicate with a friend that you’re in the middle of the A420 crossing the River Cherwell, you can inform them that your location is ‘bland.random.wash.’

While it might seem like a novelty at first glance, this strange app is actually a game-changer when it comes to safety and security. For those fans of rambling, hiking, and mountain biking, it can give clear instructions on location to search and rescue services and can offer reassurance of safety for vulnerable people who need to travel alone.

Madsaz Baby Cry Translator

This weird iPhone app is perfect for those parents who just can’t get a break. Anyone with young kids knows how frustrating it can be not knowing what your child wants. You can tell they’re distressed; you want to fix it, but you can’t figure out how. Is he hungry? Is she cold

Madsaz Baby Cry Translator provides the answers. Allegedly, it can analyse the type of your baby’s cry and tell you what the issue is in simple, clear language. For new parents who feel overwhelmed by their child’s needs, this strange app could be a solution.

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