Serve Legal is a market-leading provider of ID and compliance testing services in the UK & Ireland. They provide extensive, independent audit services to national retailers, leisure operators and sports broadcasters.

Serve Legal’s highly accurate site test audits help clients protect revenues, improve operational standards and support responsible retailing. They employ 18 and 19-year-old mystery shoppers (‘auditors’) for age-related testing services, and older auditors for wider retail audit work.

They wanted to update the current tooling they use to manage their Auditing business and create a new modern, scalable and intuitive tool that allows them to manage all of their operations from a single platform.


Serve Legal contracted One Beyond, a bespoke software development agency experienced in creating web applications, as their software development partner for this project.

Serve Legal
Serve Legal

As the client already had a platform running that needed to be used while the new platform was in development, it was important to ensure operational stability while the team worked on the system and reduce any risk of data loss or service disruption.

The new system was built without affecting the previous one, via a strategy named parallel run. With this technique, One Beyond’s Developers were able to obtain information about the end-to-end system inputs and outputs, and use them to start building the new architecture.


One Beyond delivered a cloud hosted platform that allows Serve Legal employees and clients to manage all the processes and data related to audits, report generation and mail delivery in a more efficient manner, using a modern, scalable and intuitive tool. The platform also includes a responsive website that will facilitate the mystery shoppers to fill the surveys from their own mobile phones as soon as they complete their visits.

Serve Legal
Serve Legal