Augustus Martin is a leading UK marketing services business, specialising in creating, manufacturing and implementing retail activity for top consumer brands in the UK and across Europe. To enhance their service offering Augustus Martin identified the need to help their customers deliver their campaign activity more effectively driving and in doing so drive major cost and operational savings.

With over 50 years’ experience working with retailers and brand Augustus Martin had identified how the YourStore Technology platform would drive real value for their customer base. A fully working proof of concept was built in-house at Augustus Martin to test in with several clients. The positive feedback from the proof of concept soon created a pipeline of clients wishing to implement the YourStore technology into their retail marketing operations.

Augustus Martin
Augustus Martin

To ensure the YourStore product created a great user experience for customers Augustus Martin took the decision to rebuild the product from the ground up using the latest products in the market; the real need however was to develop the product rapidly so the decision was made to use an external software house to conduct the ground up rebuild. Over a three-month period Augustus Martin reviewed the market place and due to One Beyond’s professional and robust approach the project was place with One Beyond in in December 2017.

They were able to assign more developers to the project at short notice, which was impressive.

Confidential, Augustus Martin Group IT Director, Augustus Martin


Augustus Martin appointed a product owner and project manager to work with the One Beyond team. An Agile approach was adopted to drive rapid development cycles with key gatekeeping points along the way. Through a highly collaborative, iterative development process – which allowed all parties to agree the system was moving in the right directions – One Beyond developed the system using the latest Microsoft Web Technologies. These included ASP.NET Core, with SQL Server at the back end and an unobtrusive JavaScript (uJS) at the front end, to maximise system performance.

Due to criticality of the Augustus Martin pipeline up to 12 developers we drafted onto the project. “The project was challenging at times, as priorities changed, but One Beyond managed extremely well – with plenty of resource and capacity”, Augustus Martin Group IT Director, states.

Augustus Martin
Augustus Martin


Augustus Martin and its clients are delighted with iteration one of YourStore. The early reaction to the YourStore solution has been that expectations have been exceeded. Feedback from users is the solution is “highly intuitive” to use on both desktop and mobile devices. Augustus Martin is in the process of rolling out the YourStore solution to one of the UK’s largest retailers.

Augustus Martin thank the One Beyond team for the professional delivery of YourStore version one.

Confidential, Augustus Martin Group IT Director, Augustus Martin

The Future

One Beyond has built a solid base for the YourStore platform for Augustus Martin and as planned at the outset the solution is now being managed and further developed by Augustus Martin’s own internal IT function after the rapid development of the initial version. “Augustus Martin thank the One Beyond team for the professional delivery of YourStore version one”, Augustus Martin Group IT Director.

The door is very much open for Augustus Martin and One Beyond to collaborate again in the future on new projects.