This World Mental Health Day, we’re taking the opportunity to look at how we support in making mental health and well-being for all a priority.

In early 2020, One Beyond established a fantastic Mental Health Support team, which has only grown since. The team provides one-to-one and group support to our global departments. Before re-branding to become One Beyond in August this year, we merged with two business entities across Europe. On the back of that, it has been crucial for us to ensure our offerings span the different locations so that everyone has access to local support. Making our services a global priority has been the number one aim of our Mental Health Team, and we’re so excited to train new members in our new locations with different language skills, too.

In making mental health support a priority across the Group, nationality and language were not the only areas considered. Removing barriers for people to access our support was a strong factor in building the team. The Mental Health Support team is diverse in terms of age, background, location, job role/department, gender, and sexual identity so as to offer maximum opportunity for our people to be able to relate to us. From an accessibility perspective, we’re also incredibly excited to be working on an anonymous platform where people can reach out to our team.

We have also been excited to use the opportunity of today’s awareness day to complete an internal survey, to see how effective our current strategy is, and how our people really feel about what we can do to improve. This will be used to review our policies, and build a well-being strategy for 2023!

We would be remiss in discussing Mental Health this year without addressing the additional stress factors which people are facing, and have continued to face since the pandemic. With the current rise in the cost of living, not to mention political unrest and more, there has never been a more crucial time than now to focus on employee wellbeing. We now spend a large portion of our waking time in “work mode”, so ensuring employees have space to bring their whole selves to work, and can be supported there too, is vital.

Coming back to today’s World Mental Health Day, we are looking forward to an internal workshop where we will discuss the importance of Mental Health and making your well-being a number one priority, alongside tips for how to do this both inside and outside of work. This will aid us in building an internal library for employees to access year-round, too.

Our focus on this initiative is just the tip of the iceberg, but here at One Beyond we aim to live our values: Be Authentic, Be Compassionate, Be Extraordinary and Go One Beyond.