As we move to a more digitally orientated society, the influence of software increases, contributing to a rise in living standards and improving business standards.

This has resulted in the importance of Quality Assurance (QA) and the proper testing of software increasing. With the financial implications of software failure potentially costing businesses trillions of dollars worldwide, it’s more important than ever to ensure that software is of the highest possible quality.

What are QA and Software Testing Services?

In any business, ensuring product quality is of paramount importance, and this is no different in software design.

The initial process usually involves a series of tests, including test planning and writing test cases, unit and developer testing, as well as performance testing.

Security is also prioritised with penetration testing and regression testing to ensure that future coding changes don’t interfere with existing features.

Finally, the software is subjected to a User Acceptance Test to check that the end-users can utilise it to carry out its designated purpose.

The Advantages of QA and Software Testing

The benefits of QA and software testing services are numerous, ranging from cost reduction to improved user experience. Let’s take a more detailed look:

1. Cost Reductions

Saving and subsequently generating money is one of the most important emphases of any company. Therefore, the ability to minimise expenditure and maximise income is one of the critical benefits of QA and software testing. Not only is ensuring a high-quality product crucial to business growth, but it’s also highly beneficial when reducing additional costs.

By providing a high level of quality assurance, designers can reduce the amount of replacing, retesting and reselling products with errors.

Furthermore, unhappy clients result in a decline in business reputation, which could have significant future financial implications. Similarly, it reduces the chances of legal expenditure if a faulty product results in litigation.

2. Increases time efficiency

It’s not just the cost efficiency that QA and software testing can offer. CrossTalk, the Journal of Defense Software Engineering in the USA, estimated that it could take up to 150 times longer to resolve a software problem post-production than in the design stage.

In the long run, this saves time and work hours, allowing staff to focus on other areas and avoid the time-consuming and disruptive process of post-production fixes.

Overall, increased productivity, time-saving and efficiency are significant benefits of using QA and software testing.

3. Improving user experience

Creating an engaging and high-quality user experience is another excellent advantage of QA and software testing. Software testers are uniquely placed to examine and approach the platform from a customer’s perspective.

This allows them to identify and resolve issues that might impact the end-user, resulting in users having the capacity to access the services or information they’re searching for with ease and expedience.

4. Improves client confidence

A separate QA and testing team can provide a valuable asset that businesses may not have considered. An external group of highly trained, expert software testers can provide a fresh interpretation of the needs and demands of the client.

Where businesses might suffer from tunnel vision, this can be a benefit of using a QA and software testing team, as it helps to assess and resolve client requirements in a more creative and often faster way.

Releasing a product without this style of client-focussed testing risks the software. By ensuring that client requests are met and dealt with in this fashion, businesses can increase client confidence.

5. Smaller chance of bugs and malware

QA and testing are also great ways to reduce the chances of bugs and malware in your software. By following testing processes and using software quality metrics, QA teams can measure software quality at each stage and reduce bugs during the build process.

Similarly, utilising a QA and software testing team can help protect the product from malware attacks. The constant checking and updating of software security capacities afforded by a QA team can save companies the time and expense of stopping apps or websites from protecting their users from malware.

That said, it’s important to make sure that ongoing maintenance and security checks are carried out on all software, as the techniques used by cyber criminals are constantly evolving.

Ensure your business has the highest quality software

The UK Testing Board recognises One Beyond as the first UK Silver International Software Testing Qualification Board partner, which shows our commitment to building and training our industry-approved QA team.

Our team of experts follow ISO 9001:2015 compliant testing processes and software quality metrics at every stage, ensuring that every solution we build is fast, intuitive and of the highest quality.

For more information, look at our QA and software testing services page, where we briefly break down the testing process. Alternatively, feel free to get in touch to find out more about our software solutions.