Choosing between Bespoke & Off-the-Shelf Software

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In today’s competitive business world, it can be difficult to decide whether to purchase off-the-shelf software or order a custom-built solution. As technology becomes more advanced, there is an increasing amount of ready-made applications available to subscribe to or purchase, but often the convenience will come with a compromise on functionality or support.

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The biggest myths of bespoke software

As the software landscape has become busier with off-the-shelf offerings, organisations have often become more likely to look for their ideal solution among the range of existing solutions on the market.

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When is off-the-shelf software a better fit?

There are many business scenarios where existing, mass-market products do the job so well and so consistently that there is no real need to create the same functionality in a custom solution.

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Finding the right software development partnership

Regardless of the reputation of the developer you consider using for your software projects, there are certain things you should not compromise on. As a buyer, it is easy to get enticed by promises of great product at a low price, without having any tangible guarantees.

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