The Midas Touch
of Talent Report

We analyse talent migration in the UK, specifically in IT, in the most transformative period for the skilled workforce in modern times.

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The Midas Touch of Talent

UK businesses are battling a critical shortage of talent, one unlike any other experienced in the UK workplace to date.

The Midas Touch of Talent
The Midas Touch of Talent

The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) reported there were 1.66 million vacancies at the end of August 2021, with that number set to continue rising well into 2022. Organisations are cranking up their digital ambitions and putting more of their faith (and systems) in the cloud. Subsequently, software developers, solutions architects, cybersecurity specialists, and many technology professionals find themselves the subject of a fierce bidding war.

  • In this report, we take a detailed look at:
  • Skilled workforce behaviours
  • The retracting talent pool of the Golden Triangle
  • Brexit’s impact on skilled talent
  • Levelling up the talent field
  • The continuation of the North-South divide in tech talent
  • and more…

of workers stated that lack of access to talent was the biggest challenge the business they work for is facing


Skilled workforce behaviours

As the IT skills shortage continues to impact businesses across the UK, we look at the behavioural trends of the tech workforce – where have they gone? and why? And how can we make a culture within our workplace that encourages IT talent to stay and be happy?



Brexit's impact on skilled talent
Brexit's impact on skilled talent

Brexit’s impact on skilled talent

Over 1.3 million workers have left the UK over the past two years as a direct response to Brexit.

We take a look at the impact this has had on the IT sector.

Levelling up

Levelling up the talent field

We share how businesses can leverage alternative methods for resourcing tech talent, including Continuous Delivery Teams, to level up their digital capabilities.

Levelling up




About our data

The data contained in this report has been gained through a survey of 2,086 respondents, conducted in accordance with the British Polling Council guidelines to be nationally representative. This survey was conducted by a research partner, approved by the British Polling Council, on behalf of One Beyond.

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