In any software development project, the end result is what matters. We want to get a functioning application as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. This is why Rapid Application Development (RAD) has become such an important method for commercial software solutions.

What is Rapid Application Development (RAD)?

RAD is a set of software development techniques that are based broadly on Agile development principles. As opposed to more traditional, linear approaches like Waterfall Development, RAD is designed to produce rapid prototypes and get the software to work as quickly as possible.

But what are the reasons why businesses choose to work with RAD projects over traditional software methods? Let’s take a look at the main benefits of RAD software development.

  • Shorter development process
    When it comes to software development, time is money – not just for the customer but for the developer as well. It’s in everyone’s interest to get the application completed as rapidly as possible, unless of course there are external factors dictating the development schedule. Using automated coding standards, the developer can ensure that the route to the final product delivery is as short and efficient as possible.
  • Lower costs
    As a RAD project produces a prototype quicker, it is often able to lower the overall development costs compared to a traditional approach. The iterative process allows the customer to evaluate the functionality throughout the development process, and drop any unnecessary features before too much time has been spent on them.
  • Fewer bugs
    A skilled developer will be able to apply automation tools and standardised coding to a RAD project, which allows for consistency and reliability. This not only eliminates the risk of bugs, but also makes it easier for the code to be supported long-term.
  • Faster time to market
    When it comes to developing new software functionality, it’s not always about creating a great solution. Sometimes time to market is critical in order to stay competitive. Having the ability to release a lighter version of an application early can be the key to winning initial market share before launching the full, feature-rich version. This can be accommodated by using a RAD approach.

Tried and tested tools

Rapid Application Development is all about speed, accuracy and flexibility. It’s about understanding the key requirements and then applying tried and tested automation tools and code structures to quickly arrive at a functioning product.

By taking an iterative approach to development, both the developer and the customer can work together in a collaborative way that ultimately results in a better quality application.

The importance of planning

Here at One Beyond, we take pride in offering complete, uncompromised planning throughout the entire development project. Developing at speed doesn’t mean taking shortcuts – and certainly not letting the planning aspect suffer.

Unlike coding and testing, planning is one activity that can’t be automated. It will always require human interaction and communication. And through close collaboration, we launch a software development project that is aligned with the client’s business objectives.