Our NPS Score is 100

Net Promoter Score1 is a customer satisfaction metric. It measures the propensity of customers to recommend us to others. A score of 100 is extremely rare and higher than some of the biggest and most respected brands on the planet. But what does it mean for you and your organisation?

At DCSL we create bespoke software. From major deployments to the simplest of apps, every project has one similarity and that is the way we treat our customers. DCSL is recognised as the number one .NET developer in the world and has a list of awards and accreditations as long as your arm. We also have our own methodology for building software faster and more reliably. But, it’s the way that we involve our customers at every step of the process that makes all of them – large corporates, government departments, charities and start-ups – really love dealing with us.

To prove this, we put the independent metric – Net Promoter Score – in place. Customers are asked ‘How likely are you to recommend DCSL to a friend or colleague on a scale of 0-10?’ High scoring respondents (9-10) are loyal enthusiasts who refer others.

Even an NPS score above zero is considered acceptable, and scores above 50 indicate high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty. An NPS score of 100 is considered a ‘perfect score’ and is extremely rare.

We could not have achieved this rating without our amazing team here at DCSL. We are extremely proud of the work that everyone puts in and the dedication we show to our customers.

So, a big thank you to staff but an even bigger thank you to our customers. Here are just a couple of typical comments:

‘The DCSL team really does do what they can to help out no matter how complicated the requirement.’

‘I’ve been impressed with approach DCSL have taken in helping us create the software we need to support our business.’

‘Very helpful, open, honest and easy to work with.’

Our software is recognised as exceptional and working with us is a ‘world-class’ experience for our customers. More customer reviews can be found on our Clutch profile page.

Choose DCSL for your next software project and recommend us to others.


1To find out more about Net Promoter Score, visit – https://www.netpromoter.com/know/