We all know what an impact customer service can have – especially when it comes to customer satisfaction and retention levels. But how do we ensure we provide a consistent, positive customer service in smaller organisations or where budgets are tight?

A small improvement can go a long way

Many smaller businesses shy away from the ambition to build processes for customer support and feedback, as they assume it would automatically require huge investment in technology, resource and infrastructure. However, as there is a continuous influx of low-cost or even free applications to provide the basic foundations for customer care, any business can now reap the benefits of improved service levels – even on a limited budget.

Free apps for improving customer service

These are some of our best picks of free applications for improving customer service in various areas. Although most of these examples provide a free basic license or trial, most of them can be upgraded to additional functionality at a low monthly or annual cost.

Service & Support Desk

1. Deskero

This basic but impactful customer service platform gives you all the tools you need to not only keep all your support requests from various channels in order, but to also engage with your customers on the platform of their choice.

2. eStreamdesk

This is a simplified help desk and customer knowledge base portal, which contains all the features most businesses need to efficiently deliver consistent customer service.

3. Freshdesk

This is a comprehensive suite of customer service functionality which works seamlessly across all devices and even provides special mobile functionality for efficient management of support tickets from mobiles.

4. Helpshift

A customer support solution to help improve customer retention and engagement on mobile platforms.

Web Chat

5. Clickdesk

A combination of live web support chat, VoIP and video, social toolbars, email helpdesk and web conferencing – all in a very intuitive and user-friendly interface.

6. Zopim

This is ZenDesk’s own live chat support functionality which obviously integrates with their helpdesk application but which adds another layer of availability and triggers for various actions on the website.


7. Capsule

A stunningly simple CRM platform to help effectively track, monitor and measure customer engagement throughout various buyer stages. Capsule also integrates with a range of other applications such as MailChimp for email automation.

8. Really Simple Systems

This CRM solution catering specifically for SMBs provides the fundamental building blocks of customer engagement in a feature-rich and visually compelling interface.

Product Improvement & Feedback

9. IdeaScale

This is an innovation management platform which uses crowdsourcing to help businesses identify and develop new solutions and services, through an extensive collaboration network.

10. Tricider

An open platform for sharing, requesting, discussing and pressure testing ideas without having to spend money on costly surveys.

11. UserRules

This solution empowers your users to submit, discuss, vote and follow on feedback for your company, giving you a single interface to manage community forums, customer support and user analytics.

12. UserVoice

While also providing a helpdesk solution, UserVoice offers an all-in-one product management platform which enables customer feedback to directly guide the processes of feature development and product releases.

Put the customer in the spotlight

Every organisation that wants to enjoy a good relationship with clients and prospects needs to adopt an ethos which places the customer engagement at the very centre of the business.

This needs to be the guiding light when establishing processes and workflows across every department, in order to ensure that customer service doesn’t become an afterthought. However, with a customer-centric foundation firmly in place, technology can serve as a powerful channel to help you provide service levels faster and better.

If you have some very specific requirements for your business which just can’t be solved with any of the above, we can build that system for you.