The Challenge

GuideSmiths are certainly passionate about what we do. It seems working all week and creating amazing software for clients just isn’t enough. Our Spanish team spent a weekend building a healthcare application based on blockchain technology…..just for fun! The team signed up to the Imaguru Blockchainathon, a competition where a diverse range of professional developers, designers, business and marketing gurus’ gather together to bring ideas to reality using blockchain technology. We were competing with teams running in parallel from Madrid and Minsk. The competition involved pitching a commercially viable idea, that solved a real problem. They then had 48 hours to build a working prototype.

The Pitch

GuideSmiths have a proven track record in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors and so creating a solution for this sector was an obvious choice. We developed a ‘never been done before’ healthcare idea using blockchain technology to incentivise healthy living. We competed against 28 competitive and experienced blockchain teams during a gruelling 48 hour hackathon. The working prototype was a DApp for medical analysis results tracking on Ethereum blockchain. The team used React to build the entire front end.

The Winners

GuideSmiths won!

It’s no surprise, this is the way GuideSmiths work with our clients. Identify the problem, work out a commercially viable solution and very quickly produce a working prototype so clients can easily visualise and contribute to the finished product.

The Blockchainathon is a source of many innovative ideas which showcase the potential for blockchain technology. It has been the source of some very successful software, for example MSQRD the video filter app which was purchased by Facebook.