We sat down with Emma Jeyarajah, a Junior Software Developer at One Beyond, to find out about her journey into software development.

Emma Jeyarajah - Junior Software Developer

What made you choose to become a software developer?

“It was almost guaranteed that I would end up working in Technology, due to excelling at maths at school and having a love for video games. Problem solving and being logical were characteristics that came natural to me as well as being surrounded by computers and the internet. I began to become more curious as how things worked from a technical perspective and found out that software developers were the reason behind it. Therefore I picked Computer Science as my degree, which lead me to be a software developer.”

How did you begin your career in software development?

“My professional career started when I took a placement year at university. I worked for a financial service company that used .NET, C#, HTML, CSS and Javascript. It was there that I truly was able to apply the knowledge I gained from my degree and see how it made an impact to society. With my passion for problem solving, I then progressed to take on more responsibility and worked as a Calculations developer, which had a more mathematical focus.

After my placement year, I continued to work during my final year as a contractor. I worked flexible hours to manage the workload of my degree as well as being proactive in gaining technical experience. In February 2019, I discovered One Beyond at a Career’s Fair and began working for them. I graduated with a first class honours and accepted a permanent position as a Junior Developer at One Beyond. So far, I have been fully immersed in all areas of the development life-cycle, thus gaining a plethora of knowledge. I continue to improve as a developer by facing new challenges and sharpen my soft skills, such as time management, organisation and communication through the variety of projects found at One Beyond.

Being a software developer has allowed me help others whilst doing something that I love.”

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