We are thrilled to have been recognised in the Best Workplaces in Spain list 2022!

Great Place to Work® is a company dedicated to recognising great workplaces and company culture. We are extremely proud to have been listed, and to place in the Top 50 best workplaces overall in Spain.

Iria Mavji, HR Director for DCSL GuideSmiths Spain, commented: “This award represents what really matters: our people. Without this outstanding team, we wouldn’t be what we are. It’s quite emotional looking back over all the years. When I joined the business, we were less than 20 people and look at us now. Assuring our culture throughout all the challenges faced during these years, was and always will be our top priority. It is what differentiates us, what makes us so special.

Each human being that is part of this team, contributes every day to make each project, coffee break, team-building event and knowledge sharing session, an outstanding experience. Yesterday we received the recognition you all deserve since we started this journey. This has just begun and as the team we are, we will manage to achieve many more.

Thank you again for making DCSL GuideSmiths an amazing place to work.”