As DCSL GuideSmiths steps into the next phase of growth, we’re excited to announce our rebranding. Our refreshed identity isn’t just a new logo, but a name that is truly representative of who we are and what we do… going One Beyond for our customers.

After launching with the name DCSL GuideSmiths, in 2021, following the successful merger of DCSL Software and GuideSmiths, we thought it was time to create a new brand that encompasses who we are and what we want to achieve, and this is our first step towards our bigger goals. Here’s a glimpse of what we have been working on over the course of the last few months to make One Beyond bigger, better and more stronger.

But this time, with a name that goes One Beyond the rest!

Why did we choose to move on from DCSL GuideSmiths?

DCSL GuideSmiths is a name that came about after the merger of two successful businesses in their own right – DCSL Software and GuideSmiths. But we knew it was going to be a temporary name, as we had ambitious growth plans which included further acquisitions.

As our team and service offering grew, we realised that ‘DCSL GuideSmiths’ as a name did not do justice to what we offer, and we couldn’t just add a new name onto the end every time we grew! We needed a name that reflected our people and our vision of helping customers to achieve their digital goals.

Going One Beyond

Others may claim to take you the distance you want to go, perhaps even farther than you’ve been or imagined you could be before. But we will always go one step beyond.

Through our thinking, the quality of our products and services, our people and innovative approach, we challenge ourselves to push past our own limits and the limits set by those around us.

We don’t just meet your expectations…we go One Beyond.

I’ll be sad to say goodbye to the 'DCSL' brand name, something that has done us proud since our inception in 1994. Since our private equity backing in 2020 and subsequent acquisitions over the last 18 months, during which time we temporarily rebranded to DCSL GuideSmiths, it was always our ambition to adopt a new, modern and inclusive brand to take the business to the next level. I am really proud of the name One Beyond, and I can’t wait to formally launch it to the market in the coming weeks.

Nick Thompson, CEO, One Beyond

And now, meet our new logo

One Beyond
We’ll be transitioning to the new branding over the coming month, so watch this space!