The Lab of Life is an important company in the wellbeing field. They conduct thought experiments that bring together ancient wisdom and modern science. These thought experiments are then shared as short videos and podcasts with the aim to help others to enjoy a life well lived.

The Lab of Life had several thought experiments in the shape of videos and podcasts that were shared on online platforms such as Youtube. The main goal The Lab of Life had for this project was to generate mobile applications, for both iOS and Android, that allows users to enrol in one of their many programs and subscribe to their new content, as well as participate using different features.


The Lab of Life contracted One Beyond, a bespoke software development agency experienced in creating mobile applications, as their software development partner.

The project was divided into phases with the goal to deliver an MVP that can be made available to The Lab of Life’s users within a short timeframe. The One Beyond team – consisting of two Developers, a UX Designer and a Project Manager – developed the mobile app with ReactNative so that they could deliver apps for both iOS and Android mobile platforms.

The Lab of Life

As well as the mobile app, One Beyond created a content management system that allows administrators to upload new content to the app, such as videos and podcasts, and the ability to customise the platform and create new programs.


One Beyond delivered a mobile application that allows users with iOS and Android devices to register and pay for a subscription to receive periodic thought experiments and share their thoughts with the rest of the users.

The Lab of Life

The application releases content periodically and invites subscribers to see the videos, hear podcasts and then reflect about it and share their thoughts with others.