As mobile devices continue to take the world by storm, we’re also seeing the rise of services and products searched for using apps. An app for your business may be the crucial link between purchasing and staying connected to consumers for future sales. But if you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already got an app – or may be ready to launch one – so let’s see how to make the most of your foray into the world of mobile apps. After all, when marketed correctly they’ll be the thing that gets customers to revisit and also how you’ll stay in touch.


6 ways to get the word out about your mobile app:

  1. Promote the app on your website (and mobile website if you have one): Couldn’t be easier, and it’s likely the first place a new customer will look. Don’t feature a tired-looking link – make it prominent and eye-catching. If you’ve got a blog you can also put together a few posts to herald the app. Just don’t forget the screenshots and whatever attention-grabbing features you can.
  1. Get it into the Apple App Store and Google Play: Another fundamental way of getting the app noticed is to have it stocked on virtual shelves, ready for iOS and Android customers to download.
  1. Ask for a review on a good review site: Once the bugs are ironed out, get some publicity and a strong recommendation from a blogger or reputable tech website. Not only will you get a good run-through of the app’s features and focus from an expert (choose the blog wisely), you’ll grab the interest of readers specifically looking for new apps and innovation.
  1. Contact existing customers: You’ve got their email addresses and know how to lick a stamp. If they’ve bought from you before, then they are likely already interested. This works well with a loyalty scheme, so don’t forget to let your current customers know you value them and want to give them a little extra when they download the new app. Secret sales, voucher codes and samples will get you noticed – guaranteed. (As a bonus, you can also include a link to the app in customer service and order confirmation emails.)
  1. Social media will get the ball rolling: If your company has a Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn page, Google+ Hangouts or other place where the online community gathers you’ve got a golden opportunity to spread the word. And don’t just put a few mentions out there; keep up the efforts and the hype may spread. For the truly enterprising business, a short video on YouTube is a brilliant way to get noticed on a very popular platform, and can also be added to your professional blog.
  1. Advertise at your business location: This could mean a sign, TV screen or QR codes displayed in a shop, a banner on the side of a warehouse or flyers handed out on the street outside. Just as a digital campaign is valuable, physical presence gets awareness of your brand, products and app in the ‘real’ world – the flip side of the coin, and just as valuable.


5 easy mistakes to avoid:

  • Thinking customers will simply download your app and continue to use it because they are customers already.
  • Trying to appeal to absolutely everyone and neglecting your core customer
  • Attempting to use a mobile website as an app instead of building one.
  • Not launching and marketing your app, otherwise known as ‘failure to plan is planning to fail’.
  • Treating your app like it’s a desktop, i.e. not offering anything fun, new or useful.


With the right introduction and a lot of carefully directed marketing your mobile app will make a huge difference to the way your business appears in the world. Don’t let the release of your app happen – make a big noise and get everyone’s attention!